Our services include

Organisational assessment ;Policy and practice audit ; Mobilisation and change management ; Process and policy review ; Network membership ; Health fair events ;Wellbeing screening ;Interactive baseline assessment ;Training: mental health awareness ;Training: stress awareness ;Training: Mental Health First Aid Lite ;Training Mental Health First Aid ;Job retention: assessment; Job retention: case management ;Training: skills for line managers

To improve psychological wellbeing at work

Governance Solutions

To ensure your policies, procedures and practice comply with your legal requirements and that they support positive workplace mental health.

Workforce Solutions

To provide an understanding of workplace mental health and increase the mental wellbeing of your staff.

Management Solutions

To increase the skills of your line managers to engage with employees with mental health conditions and to provide specialist support to retain valued staff.


Understand and manage workplace mental health more effectively.

Pricing Structures

Each service or training course can be purchased separately or as part of a package of support: Standard, Premier and Premier Plus.

Each package contains elements to support the development of the Governance Solutions, Management Solutions and Workforce Solutions.  There will be a package to suit every business.