Management Solutions

To increase the skills of your line managers to engage with employees with mental health conditions and to provide specialist support to retain valued staff.


Job Retention / Case Management Service

As specialist Vocational Rehabilitation Association professionals, we understand the impact that mental distress has on an individual’s life, including on their work. We work alongside the employee and employer to provide specialist support and advice to help identify a way forward.

This may be of benefit where employees have already had a period of sickness absence and are ready to return to work, or where health is impacting on productivity.


The case management service will:

  • Provide comprehensive assessments.
  • Provide return to work plans and reasonable adjustments, using relationships in the workplace to support individuals.
  • Present factual information about the impact of common health conditions, particularly mental health conditions.
  • Facilitate access to expert financial advice on welfare benefits, income protection and Access to Work resources.
  • Facilitate inter-agency partnership working.